About Us

DiveDock workboats are  the result of 4 years of professional divers using their expertise  to design a  safer and more efficient workboat for marine construction and diving operations.  

DiveDock  is hand-crafted by a dedicated fabrication team of architects, engineers, welders, electricians and hydraulics professionals.  

"Incredibly inexpensive given its capabilities. In my professional career I have never been more impressed with the comfort, safety and ease of workspace provided by this platform."

Donald Stevens

Diving Consultant

Atlantic Aquasport

"DiveDock provided a large deck area that allowed Fish and Game divers, troopers, and anthropologists to all work side by side, with all of their equipment, in a safe manner. "

Lt. William Boudreau

Dive Team Leader

NH Fish and Game Dept.


Professional Work Boats and Dive Boats


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