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About Us

DiveDock workboats are  the result of 4 years of professional divers using their expertise  to design a  safer and more efficient workboat for marine construction and diving operations.  

DiveDock  is hand-crafted by a dedicated fabrication team of architects, engineers, welders, electricians and hydraulics professionals.  

"Incredibly inexpensive given its capabilities. In my professional career I have never been more impressed with the comfort, safety and ease of workspace provided by this platform."

Donald Stevens

Diving Consultant

Atlantic Aquasport

“DiveDock makes a unique contribution to the market given its design as a stand-alone "vehicle," that can be efficiently (and legally) towed as a trailer on the road and then deployed as a boat on the water. This ability to transform into a wide, flat, portable dive platform makes it a singular asset to anyone working in or close to the water.” 


Gary C. Kessler, Ph.D.

U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) 50GT near coastal captain's license holder, USCG Auxiliary (Coxswain), Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, Colchester, VT Rescue Squad member for 25 years. 



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Professional Work Boats and Dive Boats

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