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Large Work Deck
DiveDock provides a 16' x 20' flat 
work deck. This exceeds the work space on boats costing over four times the price of DiveDock. Combine this capability with its easy highway portability and DiveDock stands alone. The patent-pending retracting deck system creates a 16' beam in the water yet retracts to only 8' on land for easy transport over the road without special permitting. On the water there is plenty of room for equipment, surface air systems,  generators, compressors, sonar workstation, tow fish reel —all without sacrificing the ability to move about safely on deck to get work done quickly.   

DiverLift®  Elevator
Getting in and out of the water has never been easier. DiverLift® is a fully-submersible platform located at the bow for lifting divers, equipment, and recovery operations. The 8'-wide patent-pending remote-controlled elevator can raise up to 1,500 pounds. Divers and crew expend less energy handling heavy gear and materials. Divers no longer need to climb ladders. Divers can remove their gear from a comfortable seated position on the DiverLift.  

Crane-Ready Water Access (Moon Pool)
A 4' x 4' opening in the work deck midship provides direct access to the water. Davits and cranes can deploy and recover heavy objects such as mooring blocks, pipe and cable. The midship location provides greater stability compared to boats that must lift heavy objects over the gunwale or bow.  DiveDock provides plenty of open work deck around  the moon pool to help crew members guide and control the movement of heavy material.

Customizable Cabin
The DiveDock cabin area was designed to provide maximum flexibility to meet crew member requirements. The cabin can be customized with rigid or flexible enclosures for inclement weather. A sonar workstation can be installed along with black-out shades to block ambient light from the operator's display. A platform located aft provides a convenient location to deploy a tow fish reel keeping the deck uncluttered yet accessible.  

Optional Built-in Trailer
Connect DiveDock to your standard pickup truck receiver and go. No separate trailer needed! The optional built-in highway-rated wheels, brakes, and suspension, eliminate the need for a separate trailer. The patent-pending remote-controlled wheels are raised from the water once afloat. Built-in wheels allow DiveDock to be launched and retrieved at different locations by different vehicles. It is not necessary to return to the original launch location to bring DiveDock ashore. Special highway permits are not required and DiveDock complies with all USDOT trailer registration requirements. 

Launch  Site Flexibility
The optional built-in wheels allow DiveDock to be  launched from primitive water access locations previously inaccessible using normal trailers. The wheels are independently adjustable for ground clearance. This allows DiveDock to compensate for difficult slopes and obstacles encountered at otherwise impossible launch points. The ability to launch closer to worksites minimizes traveling long distances over water.

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